Helping a child grow as a reader is your number one job as a reading mentor. Story Mentors makes it easy with mentor guides for every book. You can review these guides before each mentoring session to feel confident and prepared.

Before you start your session, open the guide on your device (or download it and print it) and read through it to get ready. When you meet with your student, open the book on a device and start the session!

How It Works

Begin by helping your student get comfortable with you and with the reading session. You’ll find three or four questions that are designed to be easy for your student to answer and to help you both think about the book’s topic. You’ll also be able to check out the Word List by clicking on a button. Reading the words together and discussing their meanings will help your student become comfortable with these new vocabulary words.

There is also a section in the guide about how to help your student when a word is tough to read. Be encouraging and help make reading feel more fun and less frustrating. These strategies will help your young reader feel good about reading with you.

Once you start reading, use the images of the actual book inside your guide, along with questions, to guide your student’s reading and thinking. There are two sets of questions. The first is for your first reading. Then, if you have time, you can ask some deeper questions during a second reading. Feel free to add your own questions to make the session engaging.

Check out the resource page for the book. There you’ll find extra books and video links to help you both learn more about each topic. It’s also a great idea to check out one of the recommended books from the library and watch a video or two, so you can have them ready to share.

Finally, you and your student can do a fun activity that brings all the learning together. You might draw, play pretend, or do a word-guessing game together. Have fun with this activity!

We know you and your student will be laughing together by the end of this session and looking forward to the next one!