Helping children reach reading benchmarks is critical to your job as a teacher. Story Mentors makes it free and easy to give your struggling readers the help they need without a lot of added work for you. Here’s how it works:

Sign up by clicking Log in at the top of this page. It’s free and simple to set up your account.

Think about which kind of program you’d like to set up in your classroom or at home with parents. This part is up to you!

  • Mentor Program: If you already have volunteers ready to mentor kids by reading to them each week, show them the mentors page and match them with a student.
  • Classroom Program: If you want your students to have more practice in the classroom, log in and pull up the books on any device for your students to read.
  • Home-School Program: If you’d like parents to get more involved in reading with their children, send home the link to the parents page and invite them to participate!

Make it easy for mentors, parents, and students by giving them information about where to find the books and video links, which are located on the resources page. Send an email to your school and local librarians, letting them know about this free program and making sure they showcase the recommended books that pair well with each reader.

We think this program is smart, engaging, and easy to use. We hope you do too!